The first time I made a batch of Mom's Buns I was home for Thanksgiving my freshman year of college. My mom had her hands full with other preparations and while desserts were more up my alley of expertise (or practice really), my oldest sister, Anna, had already staked the claim, making a variety of pies.

My mom pulled out our family cookbook and walked me through the long process: the sponge, the waiting, the kneading, the waiting, the forming the balls….the waiting. To be honest, bread making really got in the way of the much coveted lounging and marathon movie watching holidays grant us the luxury of. It may have been a trap….

Mom's buns have always been a prized staple of our holiday meals. A plate is simply not complete without at least one bun…but more likely 2 or 3 or 8 (who's really counting, it's the holidays). Whoever is responsible for the timely task, is rewarded with much praise and I took the bait…apparently, I enjoy a good pat on the back.

That was just the beginning. There has not been a Thanksgiving or Christmas since that I haven't gladly carried the responsibility.


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